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Clubs and Associations



Debate Club

Debate club is formed with an aim of developing the oral skills of students. The students will be trained in the different manners of speaking for and against the topic. Mock Parliament, mock interview, group discussion and presentation skill development will be given guidance and practice by the club.  

Nature Club

Nature Club focuses on promoting green choices on campus and surroundings. The members of the club are expected to maintain a neat and clean campus by promoting awareness among students, help protect the environment through volunteer work with environmental agencies, doing research and different events on campus.

Science Club

Science quiz, research on new scientific inventions, familiarising with different scientists and conducting exhibitions will be conducted to promote an awareness of science among the students.

Theatre Club

Dramas, street plays, mime and movie screenings will be undertaken by the theatre club. The major focus of the club is to develop the talent of acting in students. Movie screening accompanied with a discussion about it will improve the criticising and reviewing style in students.

Music Club

This club strives to promote all student participation in the contribution and enjoyment of their musical abilities and talents and to provide an outlet for all students interested in music. It has been set up to encourage talent in music- instrumental as well as vocal. The club members are encouraged to participate in all the cultural activities of the college as well as inter-collegiate musical events.


Dance club identifies those students with dancing skills and helps them to exhibit it to the world. The main goal and mission of the club members is to represent our college in various cultural events across the country.

Current Affairs

This club helps students to become a critical thinkers and increase their understanding of current affairs in better way. It also creates awareness on news and issues and helps them to become responsible citizens.

Literary Club

The Literary Club is an organization for students interested in culture. It is a platform for students to participate in extracurricular activities, gain leadership experiences, meet new friends, and become an important part of the student community. The Club also hosts poetry readings and forums, and attends cultural events. It welcomes anyone and everyone with a passion for reading, writing, and creativity.

Film and Photography

This club aims at motivating the students to exhibit their talents in photography and video making. It helps them to express their thought with an emphasis on perceptual, technical and artistic skills. It also enables them to look into their views of making photography in both natural and artificial, and see how they manipulate and control an artistic vision.

Art and Design

The purpose of this Club is to encourage fine art awareness and increase their potential in beautifying the campus. The members of this club play a pivotal role in decorating various events that takes place in the campus.

Digital Media

In this digital era it’s very essential to teach students about digital media in a fun environment where students have the creativity to imagine, create & produce digital media stories, commercials etc. Students will learn how to operate video cameras, microphones, editing software, and work together in a group.

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