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BSc. (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)

Programme Overview

BSc. PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) is a three year under graduate programme affiliated to Bangalore North University spanning over six semesters. It follows triple major system wherein students study Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as major subjects. This three-year programme paves way for taking up postgraduate programmes in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.


Major papers in Physics include Mechanics, Heat and Thermodynamics, Electricity and Magnetism, Optics and Fourier Series, Statistical Physics, Quantum Mechanics – I, Atmospheric Physics and Nanomaterials, Astrophysics, Solid State Physics and Semiconductor Physics, Atomic, Molecular and Nuclear Physics, Electronics, Magnetic Materials, Dielectrics and Quantum Mechanics etc. The students develop application projects prescribed in the syllabus during the respective semesters. They also engage in various knowledge enrichment activities.


The curriculum consists of intensive and extensive topics like Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Groups, Rings, Fields, Vector Spaces, Vector Algebra, Vector Calculus, Real Analysis, Vector Mechanics, Numerical Analysis, Complex Analysis, Calculus and Advanced Calculus etc. enabling the student to transform the mathematical interests to other intellectual endeavors.


This course incorporates fundamental and exciting developments of chemistry as detailed insight into different branches of chemistry like organic, inorganic and physical chemistry and their applications.

Eligibility for Admission

Pass in 10+2/Pre University courses/Equivalent. Candidates should have studied at least two subjects from Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics or Physics.

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