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The National Service Scheme is a youth-focused organization dedicated to promoting leadership, community development, and social responsibility among young people. Through numerous service projects, it is our goal to foster a sense of civic involvement and make a constructive contribution to society.

Our goals are:

Community Service:

We support and encourage young people to actively participate in community service projects that address social concerns and advance the neighborhood.
Personality Development: By giving our volunteers the chance to lead, collaborate, and develop their skills, we hope to improve their personal and professional growth.

Social Awareness:
We want to make young people more aware of social issues, encourage inclusive behavior, and develop a culture of understanding and compassion.
National Integration: We promote national integration by inspiring volunteers from various backgrounds to collaborate on projects that cross caste, religious, and geographic boundaries.
Health & wellbeing: By organizing programs and campaigns on issues like hygiene, we foster health and wellbeing among our volunteers and the communities we serve.
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