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College bus service  is available to within 100 kilometers in our college campus .


A prayer hall with a serene and calm atmosphere to those who wish to spend time in silence, reflection and prayer is located in in the campus.
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The fully air-conditioned Auditorium has the capacity to accommodate around three hundred people at a time and is used for important occasions.
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To facilitate practical sessions, the college has well equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry Computer Science and Aviation lab. The labs enable enhancement of the theoretical knowledge already acquired in classrooms.
Hostel accommodation for boys is at accessible distance. Girls are offered hostel facility outside the campus at a walkable distance run independently by the DST sisters.
The sports and games facilities at the campus enables students attain physical growth and sportsmanship. The college has facilities for major games like basketball, football, volleyball, throw ball, cricket etc. Intra-institution and inter-institution matches and sports day give the students ample opportunity to exhibit their sports talents and skills.
A branch of South Indian Bank in the campus takes care of the banking needs of the college. Students and parents can avail its services if required. All the fees can be remitted at the SIB counter.

A lot of creative ideas that are conjured up in student life arise form that random conversation over food. To ensure students get that space, we have healthy hygienic space to eat at Cafeteria. College provides pure drinking water facility.



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