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BSc. Physics, is a Four year under graduate programme affiliated to Bangalore North University spanning over 8 semesters.

​                                               Physics

A 4-year graduate program in India, such as a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Physics, typically covers a comprehensive range of topics to provide students with a strong foundation in physics principles and theories. The curriculum includes core subjects such as classical mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, optics, atomic and nuclear physics, statistical mechanics, solid-state physics, astrophysics, and particle physics. These topics delve into the fundamental laws governing the behavior of matter and energy at various scales, from subatomic particles to the vast expanses of the universe. Students engage in theoretical coursework, laboratory experiments, and mathematical problem-solving to develop a deep understanding of the principles and methodologies of physics. The program aims to equip students with analytical thinking, mathematical skills, and experimental techniques to approach complex scientific problems. Additionally, students often have opportunities to engage in research projects, participate in internships, and attend seminars and workshops to further enhance their understanding and practical skills in physics. By the end of the program, graduates are well-prepared for further studies or careers in research, academia, technology, engineering, or other scientific fields.













 Eligibility for Admission

Pass in 10+2/Pre University courses/Equivalent. Candidates should have studied at least two subjects from Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics or Physics.

Programme Overview

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