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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

- Aviation



The Bachelors of Business Administration – Aviation Management (BBA-AM) degree offered under the National Education Policy (NEP) by the Bangalore North University is a four-year programme in eight semesters. It is an Honors programme, facilitating higher education. The BBA-AM degree is designed to give a broad knowledge of the functional aspects of aviation business operations, non-technical areas of Aviation and their interconnection. BBA - AM programme enable the student to have quick decision making, managerial, computing, analytical and communication skills.   












The BBA - AM course offers knowledge and training in aviation sector to prepare them to take up different roles and positions in the aviation industry. The programme cover areas of Aviation business- Airline and Tourism, Airline and Airport Management, Aviation Law, Air Cargo and Logistics Management, Airline Finance and Insurance, Air Traffic Control, Airport Strategic Planning, Airline and Airport Marketing, Aircraft Maintenance Management, Airline and Airport Customer Service, Air Transport Safety and Security, etc. To enrich the learning process, the BBA - AM programme incorporates training and practical experience in the form of case studies, presentations, workshops, industrial visits, and interaction with established industry experts.

Overall PROGRAMME objectives

After successful completion of the programme, Graduates shall:

  1. develop comprehensive understanding of aviation business and its
    operational environment, such as airports, airlines, cargo, safety, and regulations.

  2. evolve as Aviation Global Leaders

  3. demonstrate hands on experience on most widely used computerized reservation system (CRS) for air ticketing and hotel reservation.

  4. demonstrate a high capability of all airline business management aspects (e.g. airline business law, aircraft types, basic reservation, and ticketing).

  5. develop analytical and critical thinking abilities for business decision making.




  1. After successful completion of the programme, Graduates shall:


  1. Domain Knowledge and skills- acquire comprehensive knowledge and understanding of aviation management and allied subjects.

  2. Communication and IT Skills- conceptualize aviation business related issues clearly and expressly and impliedly communicate the same with stakeholders effectively, and capable to use various Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools for exploring, analysis, and utilizing the information for business purposes.

  3. Critical thinking and Problem solving skills - develop independent thinking in understanding the concepts and challenges of aviation industry, so that viable solutions can be found.  Students are able to engage in reflective and independent thinking by understanding the concepts in every area of Aviation Business; able to examine the results and apply them to various problems appearing in different branches of aviation management; capable analyse and synthesize data and derive inferences for valid conclusions for the issues in Aviation Management areas.

  4. Self-directed Learning and Research Skills: capable to work independently in diverse projects and ensure detailed study of various facets of Aviation Business; and capable to search for, locate, extract, organize, evaluate, and use or present information that is relevant to a particular topic and also to identify the developments in various branches of Aviation industry.

  5. Life-long Learning and Ethical behaviour: capable of self-paced and self-directed learning aimed at personal development and for improving knowledge/skill development and reskilling in all areas of Aviation Business, and are able to develop and show high moral and ethical values in all the transactions of their official and personal lives. 


Candidates who have completed two years Pre–University course in any discipline
of Karnataka State or its equivalent as notified by the university from time to time are eligible to seek admission for this course.


Travel and Tourism industry has witnessed a paradigm shift post COVID and in most countries including India, Aviation sector is given top priority. The BBA Aviation programme offers immense opportunities of promising and challenging career in the aviation industry. BBA Aviation graduates can get an excellent salary, even as a beginner.

Within the aviation industry, there are several domains where BBA Aviation jobs are available. Depending on their interest, skills, and the electives studied in the course, aspirants may choose a domain to work in. The following are some of the roles BBA - AM graduates can aspire for, both in India and abroad. 

  Jobs after BBA in Aviation for fresher:

  • Aerodrome Officer

  • Aerodrome Assistant

  • Cargo Executive

  • Store & Purchase Executive

  • Housekeeping Executive

  • Assistant Manager

  • Ground Staff Executive

  • Safety and Maintenance Executive

  • Customer Care Executive

  • Ramp Executive

  • Baggage handling Executive

  • Ticketing Executive

  BBA Aviation jobs for experienced professionals:

  • Airport Manager

  • Program Manager

  • Airport Operations Manager

  • Branch Manager

  • Airline Contracting Manager

  • Credit Control Manager

  Some of the sectors of business which offer employment to BBA - AM graduates are:  


  • Airports, airlines

  • Flight schools

  • Airline insurance companies

  • Sales & advertising companies

  • educational institutes, etc.


BBA - AM graduates with required communication skills and right attitude can get appreciable starting salary packages, generally ranging between 4-8 LPA. As the person gains experience and builds competencies, their annual compensation will increase.  


A Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA - AM) graduate desires to continue their education, it also opens doors to Post Graduate (PG) courses and further education. BBA – Aviation is a stepping stone for candidates who wish to pursue a higher degree in the same. A BBA - AM graduate can pursue their higher studies and strengthen their career ambitions. Possible opportunities to further education are:  

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Pursuing Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the logical extension for BBA - AM. A candidate can have the following options.

  • MBA Aviation Management

  • MBA Air Travel Management

  • MBA Airline Management

  • MBA Airport Management

  • Certification Courses

BBA - AM graduates can obtain certificates from International Air Transport Association (IATA), which are sought after qualifications by many airlines across the world. These certificates are high-value addition and can give high-pay employment. 

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