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National Cadet Corps

Young people in India are encouraged to develop their character, discipline, and leadership skills through the National Cadet Corps (NCC). It offers military instruction and motivates cadets to volunteer for duty.

Objectives of NCC:

to hone leadership, discipline, camaraderie, and character.
to promote a sense of social cohesion and national integration.

to impart fundamental military instruction and foster enthusiasm for the armed forces.
to motivate cadets to actively take part in charitable and community service endeavors.

Organization and Activities:

The Army, Navy, and Air Force are the three wings that make up the NCC. There are distinct training programs and exercises for each wing. Depending on their interests and goals, cadets can select the wing of their choice.
The NCC engages in a wide variety of activities, such as drills, weapon instruction, map reading, fieldcraft, and adventure sports (like sailing, trekking, and rock climbing). It also participates in civic projects and social awareness campaigns, as well as major national celebrations like the Republic Day parade.
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