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The staff and students of BCA visited the Government School at Tindlu and spend their time with the students  on 23rd September 2019. Under this program, around 35 students from the department, to ok up the responsibility of teaching the students of Govt. Higher Primary School, Thindlu , for a day.

The classes were divided into five: Rhymes were taught for classes 1 to 3 , English Grammar for classes 4 to 5. They were also given an idea about Weaving through a video, MS Paint for classes 6 7, followed by a session on Awareness about mobile phones for them. Several games were also organized for the children at the end of the sessions.

The students spent hours with them and the smiling faces and the satisfied look made the day of the students and staff. Sweets were distributed to all the school kids. The principal also took part in the initiative and the staff from the school appreciated the initiative taken by the students of Department of Computer Science.