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Events & Seminar


CHRISTOFEST, week of enthusiasm revealing the flairs of the Christites, a day energized by the graceful performances culminating in the appreciation of talents, was an ingenious programme steered by ‘El Arté’, the Arts Association. The festive week with various on-stage and off-stage events like Writing Competitions, Dance, Music, and Mime made the days remarkable.


Celluloid 2K19:

El Arte Association marked it's beginning with the Journalism Fest-Celluloid 2K19. The fest focused on the photography exhibition, mock press and spot reporting. The students from various departments contributed around 500 photographs which were captured using mobile camera and professional cameras. A wide array of photographs which captured the beauty of things that we usually see were exhibited and the best photographer was awarded too. The students and teachers explored the day of Journalism Fest with enthusiasm.

Workshop on Effective Communication Skills:

English as a language is a tool for communication and a good communication is possible only when it is effective.Prof.V.L. Jayapaul Asst.Professor was the resource person.He instilled students of our department with various aspects and methods of effective communication.


CHRISOFEST 2K19, the college art fest was conducted from 16th September to 20th September, 2019 by the Arts association “El Arte” with various objectives such as to promote and foster interest & participation in cultural activities among students,to explore the relationship between aesthetic excellence & academic excellence, to focus on holistic development of student.

There were 25 events - 8 literary and 17 on – stage events such as essay writing, JAM, Mime, Dance, Skit etc.The literary events were conducted during the last two hours from 16th September to 20th September. The on-stage events were conducted on 24th September. It helped the students to organize and execute an event in a systematic manner and provided a platform for students from all the departments to expose their talents.

Mental Health Awareness Programme:

 The “MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS” Program was organised by arts department on 31st October and conducted by Department of Psychiatry, St. John’s Medical College Hospital for the Christ college of Science and Management as part of the mental health awareness month. It was aimed to help the students to determine how they handle stress and to cope with the stresses of life and to make meaningful contributions to their communities.

Community Responsibility Program:

The “Community Responsibility Program” was conducted on October 4th by Department of Arts, in ABALA Home - Women Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre, Hosur with following objectives:

  • To interact with the people who has been stereotyped in the society

  • To come out of the stigma regarding mental illness.

  • To raise awareness about mental illness

  • To support people who has been excluded from the society

This helped the students to give emotional support to the needy and to foster a sense of meaning and purpose in life and also to live a healthy life by socializing, especially for people who suffer from a mental illness. 

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